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3131 NE Glisan
Portland, Oregon 97232
(503) 234-0468
(503) 236-8379 (fax)

Father Paul Paris started at Holy Trinity on December 1, 2014. He had previously served at St. Mary's Greek Orthodox Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Father Paul can be reached at , or in the church office at 503-234-0468 ext. 14

Father Deacon David received a BA in Slavic Languages and Social Sciences, plus a Certificate of Central-East European Studies, with minor emphasis on Byzantium and Early Church History, in 1969 from PSU. He studied his junior year at the Univ. of Zagreb, Croatia. He received an MA in Russian and Chinese History in 1976 from PSU. He holds Teaching Certificates in Social Science, English, and Russian, and taught all three subjects for 31 years at Parkrose High School. He was tonsured to the Sub-diaconate in the Russian Orthodox Church in 1978. In 1999 he was ordained a deacon in the Greek Orthodox Church and currently serves as the Cathedral Cathechist. He is married to Diakonissa Barbara and they have three grown children.