Renovation / Enhancements 2020-21

Status of Projects

Holy Trinity Cathedral Renovation/ Enhancement Projects 2020/2021


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Update on the current status of our Cathedral Renovation/Enhancement Projects 2020/21 that are underway.

Updated April 26th, 2021


  1. Except for a few touch-up items, the Vestry Project was completed several months ago.
  2. As you may recall, this project was funded via the Father Elias Memorial Fund. This past week, the completed memorial plaque and new icon of Prophet Elias were received and installed in the Vestry, between the two windows that face Glisan St.


I happy to report that the final calibration and testing of our new Audio System was completed last week by our contractor DELTA A/V.

Our clergy, deacon, and chanters were all present and their individual microphones were calibrated to their respective voices. The systems sounds GREAT.

On the technical side, our Sound Consultant was there and tested the sound all around the Nave and up in the Balcony using special signals put through the system and special equipment to measure levels of sound. He said that normal acceptance levels allow for plus/minus 2-to-3 db (a unit of measure) in the variance of sound levels at the various locations around the facility; in our case, they measured at a fantastic plus/minus just 1 db. The system really fills our space uniformly and beautifully.

The Delta A/V personnel had a training session for some volunteers in our Community that will be our “go-to” persons related to the controls for the audio system (and for the Video Project noted below).

Lastly, selected Delta A/V personnel are scheduled to be present during our first two Liturgies when we move back into the Cathedral. This is to make sure all aspects of the system operate as desired during a functioning environment, and to make any corrections in case any might be needed.


Our new video system comprises three video cameras:

  1. One installed on the face of the Balcony that captures a direct view of the Solea area (similar to the view of our Liturgies being streamed this past year).
  2. One at approximately the center of the North wall of the Nave that will allow tracking processions up/down the main aisle (e.g., certain Liturgical processions, weddings, etc.).
  3. One on the North wall of the Solea that will allow side and partial front views of Sacraments being performed on the Solea (e.g., weddings, baptisms, Easter Services, Hierarchical Liturgies, etc.).

NOTE: In the original plan, cameras 1 & 2 where to have been full Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras, and camera 3 to have been only with Zoom capability. However, at the calibration meeting with DELTA A/V last week, two of our parishioners who were present offered to jointly fund an upgrade of the 3rd camera to also be a full Tilt/Pan/Zoom unit. That substitution will take place in the near future when the new camera arrives.

The Video Project system being installed includes a full remotely controlled capability for the three cameras, with all the control equipment (e.g., video monitor, camera selector, Tilt/Pan/Zoom controls, joy stick, etc.) located in the new Audio & Video Equipment Cabinet that resides in the vestibule leading into the Vestry from the Nave, and workspace provided by a new table next to the cabinet.


Painting of the Cathedral interior is all complete, with the exception of a few water-damaged areas (primarily at the base of the stained-glass windows on the Glisan St. side of the Nave and on the West wall behind the Choir Loft) occasioned by water leaks at the windows. Repair of the leaks have to be accomplished first (see next section); this is to be followed by plaster repair at the damaged areas; and finally, those areas can be painted.


This was not part of our original list of Projects and Sub-Projects that were undertaken, but became necessary in order for us to complete the Painting Project, which requires completing repair of water-damaged plaster at bases of the Stained-Glass Windows, which in turn requires work on the Stained Glass windows themselves.

We have hired two contractors that will be working jointly to accomplish these requirements: Rob Bonenfant, a stained-glass specialist (who will also be repairing the BB-gun holes in some windows), and Green Window Restoration Inc. One aspect of this work includes installation of polycarbonate sheets (Lexan brand) on the outside of the windows to protect them from the weather and vandals. This project is to be completed primarily from the outside (which will require special scaffolding, etc.), and is scheduled to start tomorrow, likely running into next week. This is turning out to be an expensive project: approximately $22,000.


All the existing lighting in the Cathedral has successfully been converted to LEDs – and notably, all were accomplished by Community volunteers (saving several thousand dollars in labor costs).

Below is a photograph of the last fixture to be converted (and cleaned), namely, the large chandelier in the Nave.


All the pews from the Lower Balcony – which are over 100 years old, as they came from our old Church – have been refinished (via a special donation from a parishioner) and delivered to us this past week. They are being temporarily stored in other spots on our site. They look gorgeous!


The main portion our new light fixtures finally arrived from Canada last week, after a substantial delay due to the Pandemic.

Our electrical contractor is currently tied up on other jobs, and will not likely be able to get to us to do the actual installations for some weeks. We await notification of expected installation date(s), hopefully sometime in May.


As previously reported, the design for the Choir Renovation Project was completed in January and drawings were submitted to the City of Portland for permitting, also in January. This Review process is taking a (very) long time now during the pandemic. Preliminary feedback from the City has been received by our architect, but no dates yet determined as to how long it will take to get approval. In the meantime, a required meeting regarding water quality to our Cathedral (maybe the whole site?) by a City Inspector is scheduled for tomorrow.

It is not clear when we will actually be able to start construction in the Choir Loft area, but we are hoping/praying for construction to occur in the July or August time frames. But, time alone will tell.


A clean-up phase will have to occur before we occupy the Cathedral.

In a best situation, this would occur just after the Choir Loft Renovation Project would be completed. However, NORWEST (who will be our contractor for the Choir Loft Project) has said they will install Visqueen plastic sheets to form a curtain up in the Balcony that will prevent dust that will be raised during construction from coming down into the Nave.

Accordingly, shortly after the Lighting Contractor has completed his work (perhaps by end of May or early June), we will be able to proceed with a variety of clean-up activities that will be needed.

These will include:

  1. Removing all material currently installed to protect flooring areas.
  2. Dust the whole volume.
  3. Do touch-up on all the woodwork components of the Cathedral.
  4. Do specialized treatment of wood on the Iconostasis, Pulpit, and Bishop’s Throne.
  5. Refinish parts of railing that divides Solea/Nave that have been worn down.
  6. Shampoo all carpeting.
  7. Clean any debris that may have accumulated on new under-pew flooring material that was installed several months ago.
  8. Plus any other items that come to our attention.

I think this brings us up to date.

In the meantime, Kali Anastasi everyone.

George L.

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