Defeat Human Trafficking

“O our God, will you not execute judgment on them? For we are powerless against this great horde that is coming against us. We do not know what to do, but our eyes are on you.”
- 2 Chronicles 20:12

Many misconceptions exist about human trafficking. There are plenty of myths about the crime. Part of our mission is to help spread understanding of the bigger picture and why these myths exist. Learn the truth to dispel the fallacies and become better informed so that we are able to really serve people in the best possible way!


The reality is that trafficking can occur in legal and legitimate business settings as well as underground markets. It has been reported and prosecuted in industries including restaurants, cleaning services, construction, factories, as well as underground markets such as commercial sex in residential brothels and street based commercial sex.

Media that is posted, movies like “Taken”, that have any kind of human trafficking focus are dealing with illegal criminal organizations that are taking advantage of immigrants or domestic victims. And they created this kind of mythos, that it’s all about illegal criminal enterprises that are creating this type of victimization. However, it can be domestic servitude, that is handled through individuals at homes, that have gone out and victimized foreign nationals or perhaps even people of their own family that are forced into doing labor in the home. We have marriages that are false, that are individual corruptions, and are not part of a criminal enterprise at all. We also have industries, and some prosecuted in the United States, that involve labor – whether it’s in this country or out of the country for cheap labor – to take advantage of these people so they can make more money and have greater dividends as a result of the people that they are victimizing.

While it may make a great movie or a great TV show to depict the illegal criminal enterprises, in reality we find just as many being supported by individuals or by corporations who have not done their due diligence, their corporate due diligence. They’re not focused on global citizenship issues and are using workforce that are being abused, or misused, or underpaid to perform the labor and service they’re requiring to make a profit and be successful in our capitalistic society.

We’ve discussed how Human Trafficking can often go unnoticed, even by individuals interacting with a victim on a regular basis. By being aware of the issues and myths and recognizing the “red flags”, or indicators is the first step in identifying potential victims.

Defeat Human Trafficking
Study the Issues; Be a voice; Make a difference

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