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Christmas Pageant - December 18th, 2022

This year's Holy Trinity Christmas Pageant will be in-person and in church directly after Divine Liturgy on December 18th. 

Little Angels through 6th grade will tell the story of our Lord Jesus Christ's birth through songs and readings from the Gospel. The Holy Trinity choir will accompany the children, and the parish is invited to sing along. Below are some key dates and information. 

Rehearsal: Sunday December 11th — 

-11:30am: The children will head down to Sunday school after Holy communion as usual.

-11:45/50am: After liturgy is finished, the teachers will walk pre-k through 6th grade back into the church for a practice rehearsal. Parents, we need your help! If you are able, please help teachers get the children up to church and help keep the children focused on their parts while in church.  

-We are planning to end around 12:20/12:25pm. After the rehearsal, Father Christos has invited the children into the hall to decorate the Christmas tree(s)!  Please note: Hara dancers will not have dance practice that afternoon. Potami dancers will have a 30 minute dance practice following tree decorating (please contact dance instructors if you have questions)

Christmas Program: Sunday December 18th— 

-11:30am: After Holy Communion, students will go to Sunday School to dress in costumes and practice their parts. 

-11:45am: When liturgy is over, classes will line up in the hallways in order of appearance and return to church for the pageant. **We need your help again, parents! Parents are encouraged to come to the classrooms to help children get in their costumes, use the restroom, and after the pageant, return to class to help take off and hang up costumes before going back upstairs for the Christmas party**

-After the Nativity play, Greek School kids (and the parish can join in!) will chant The Kalanta. Everyone will stay on the Solea until after Greek School finishes. We will snap a group photo before being dismissed to change and head to the party!

Snacks: We will have plain crackers and water available on December 18th in Sunday School classrooms before the pageant. There will be finger food, cider, cocoa and candy canes with Santa afterwards in the large hall with parents supervising their children. Please do not bring snacks, chocolate, candies, gift bags of food, etc into the classrooms before the pageant. There are children with allergies in every grade, and we want everyone to be safe. 

Costumes: There are a limited number of costumes. The best way to guarantee a costume is to make sure you have registered for Sunday School and come to church December 11th for the rehearsal. If you have not registered online for 2022/2023 Sunday School, or can't make it to the rehearsal but your child wants to participate in the pageant, please email by December 10th. 

Songs (1st verse only) and Roles in order of appearance—

Enter: Mary, Joseph 

Enter: 1st & 2nd Grade: Shepherds 
Song: The First Noel

Enter: Pre-K/ Kindergarten: Angels 
Song: Angels We Have Heard on High
-Little Angels (still TBD, but if they participate, they will dress as stars and walk with the angels)

Enter: Star bearer

Enter: 5th Grade: Kings
Song: We Three Kings

Enter: 3rd & 4th Grade: Drummers
Song: The Little Drummer Boy

Readings from the Gospel: 6th grade 

Thank you!
Antonia Degliantoni, Dina Khoury, Eleni Mallos, and Ann Davis

We are so excited to welcome everyone back to Holy Trinity Sunday School!

Classrooms & Teachers - we've added teachers, classrooms and moved some rooms, too:

Little Angels (under 4 with parent participation) - Antonia Degliantoni  Room C-14
Pre-K/Kindergarten (age 4 by Sept. 1) - Katerina Koukoumanos & Demitra Mallos  Room C-4
1st-2nd Grade - Joana Maletis & Kathryne Psihogios  Room C-3
3rd-4th Grade - Ann Davis & Kelly Lymberopoulos  Room C-2
5th-6th Grade - Eleni Mallos & Nick Mallos  Room C-1
7th-8th Grade - Dina Khoury, Aliki Norton, Beth Perlmutter  Room C-16
High School - Fr. Christos, Ted Nieuwsma, Christina Geist  Room C-7

Please forward this email to anyone who might be interested and send us your questions!

Ann Davis
Antonia Degliantoni

Questions or Concerns?  Contact Ann Davis: