Sunday School


Welcome to the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral’s Sunday School informational page. Our Ministry begins with you and your family living as Orthodox Christians and practicing the Orthodox Faith on a daily basis. Children look toward their parents and teachers as guides throughout their lives. We encourage parents to attend the Liturgy on Sundays and all students to participate in our Sunday School program.  We will provide well rounded and theologically based lessons on Liturgical Worship, the Bible, Prayer Life, Sacramental Life and Mission Awareness. 

Sunday School classes over for the 2021-2022 sessions and are now on Summer Break. They will resume in the Fall of 2022.

Our classes have returned to in-person sessions. Here’s what you can expect:

Kids Leave Church After Communion:
As we have done in the past, the kids will leave church after they have received Holy Communion. Please bring your children to class to sign them in (High School and Middle School students can sign themselves in). 

Classes will be held only in rooms with windows: We are moving all classes to rooms with windows so we can ensure better air circulation. Windows will be open during class – you may want to give your children their coats or a sweater when they come to class. 

Covid protocols/Rooms will be cleaned before class: Our goal is to have the classrooms that are used cleaned on Fridays to make sure all surfaces are disinfected before the kids come back each week. Masks will be worn the entire time in class.

No Snacks: Because we would like our kids to keep their masks on throughout Sunday School, we will not be serving snacks (at least through Christmas – after New Year’s we will reassess based on where we are with Covid). Please plan accordingly.

Shorter Class Schedule/After Class Pickup: Classes will last 45 minutes. For the time being, parents will need to wait outside of the Sunday School area, either outside the building or on the main floor. Currently, coffee hours are not being scheduled, so to fill the time - please consider becoming a classroom volunteer.

Calendar: Sunday school will run every Sunday except November 28th (Thanksgiving Break). Our Christmas Program is December 19th. We will share the Winter/Spring schedule as we get closer to the New Year. 

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