General Information

Youth Ministry here at Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral is a relationship-based process by which our young people gather in a relaxed, social venture to share the experience of being an Orthodox Christian with their peers and to learn how to put their faith into action. This is done through age-appropriate interactive activities, discussions, service projects, retreats, social gatherings and outings. Youth related activities are broken up in a few ways: 1) according to age and grade in our Sunday & Greek School Programs; 2) according to a broader age range for big group fun activities; and 3) according to ages & experience for Greek Dance. 

Please look for the recommended ages we give for any special activity.  Roughly speaking, anything we do covers grades K - 12th and sometimes includes the family.

Goals of Our Youth Ministry

  1. To introduce and connect them to our Lord, God, and Savior Jesus Christ, and to help them deepen their relationship with Him.
  2. To offer social, religious, and service related opportunities which are inclusive, diverse, and fun.
  3. To lead them in experiencing our most precious and holy Orthodox Christian Faith.
  4. To encourage and support them in their efforts to be active participants in the liturgical and sacramental life of the Church.
  5. To help them develop life long bonds and meaningful relationships with their peers and with those who minister to them.


For specific questions and concerns please reach out to:

Our Priest over Youth, Father Christos Kalaitzis