I Choose Love

Posted 12/15/2020

I Choose Love

 Dear Parishioners and Friends,

I want to thank everyone that participated in the Toy and Warm Clothing Drive this past Sunday!  

It was an amazing success and so many people will benefit from this terrific outpouring of love and kindness.  It was a joy to see our wonderful high school students working together with the volunteers from the Fire Department and I Choose Love.  Great job GOYANS!

Many thanks to everyone that came from near and far to donate items!

A special thank you to Corvallis Productions for providing the tent and heaters to keep our volunteers warm on a rainy and chilly day!

The Virtual Rally on Monday evening was very inspiring too.  Ray Leary gave a great talk about the meaning of love and how each of us can be a leader in bringing about the change we want to see by loving our city and loving one another.  The Brown Sisters had amazing voices and great energy.  Everyone appreciated the warm welcome that our community provided for both events!

Here is the YouTube link for the Virtual Rally which you can still watch: I Choose Love Virtual Rally and Concert.   Here is a link to the KOIN 6 News segment which also gives some background on I Choose Love: KOIN 6 segment .

Let’s continue to find ways to reach out to our community so that our Cathedral can be a beacon of light, a place where people can find hope and know that they are loved.

Love in Christ,

Fr. Paul