Music Ministry

Music is a crucial component of the Orthodox worship experience. The Music Ministry at Holy Trinity is comprised of two main groups: a four-part choir and Byzantine chant group. You may join one or both. We are always looking for new singers to be part of our community. Serving the music ministry is a wonderful way to learn the hymns of our faith and an opportunity for connection and fellowship. Please contact Photini or John with any questions. We’d love to get you involved!

Loft Choir

Directed by Jonas Williams
Rehearses on Wednesdays 7:30-9pm
Serves Sunday Liturgy (9:30am-noon)
3-4 part settings using western staff notation

Chant Choir

Directed by Photini Downie Robinson
Rehearses on Saturdays at 3:30, followed by Great Vespers (5-6pm)
All services, sacraments, feast days: chanters serve according to availability.
Byzantine notation (come learn with us if this is new to you!)


We currently offer two opportunities for you to plug into our chant program. I will teach both classes, and I’ve designed them to be modular so you can “drop in” as your schedule allows. Obviously the more consistently you can attend, the more you’ll learn.

Both are free of charge, and you may attend one or both. These are terrific opportunities for you to learn about Byzantine notation, modal theory, service structure, liturgical cycles/seasons, our 12 Great Feasts, and the many wonderful commemorations of our Church. For now, everything we learn will be in English. I’ve attached samples of the music we’ll be using. Here is my vision for each class:

Saturdays, 3:30-4:50 (followed by Vespers 5-6): We’ll learn the apolytikia (dismissal hymns) of the day and rehearse whatever other material we have time to cover for the Vespers service that immediately follows the class.

Wednesdays, 6:30-7:30 (prior to choir practice): We’ll begin with an introduction to parallagi (Byzantine solfège), then we’ll learn “Today has Salvation,” the hymn that is sung every Sunday prior to the start of the Divine Liturgy. Our group will chant it the following Sunday before you go up to the loft. Eventually I would like this group to start chanting the festal hymns after the Small Entrance.

Bonus: If you are involved in either class, you are welcome to join me at the chant stand for whatever services you are able to attend (see upcoming services below). It’s okay just to come observe, and I will gradually involve you with ison, melody, readings, etc. as you gain knowledge and confidence. You will also have the opportunity to learn to intone the Epistle. In the coming weeks, I will create a Google sign-up for the Epistle readings in English and Greek so we can expand our roster of people who wish to serve in that capacity. I will provide training and support to anyone who would like to do this.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or comments. I hope that many of you will choose to take advantage of these great learning opportunities, and I look forward to sharing the Church’s rich musical tradition with you.



Listen to our Loft Choir sing the hymn of our parish:

Evlogitόs ei, Christé o Theόs imόn
(Blessed are you, Christ our God)

If you would like to join one of our choirs, please contact:
Jonas Williams, Choir Director
Photini Downie Robinson, Protopsaltria